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Machhe Khola Hydroelectric Project (18 MW)

Project Image

Released Date : January 1, 2018

Client: ITECO Nepal (P) Ltd. It is a Run-of-the-River (RoR) project located in Gorkha district. Its headwork is located in the foot of Gumda Village and its powerhouse is located at Machhe Villege of Darche Rural Municipality. Its installed capacity is 18 MW.  The surge tank and penstock alignment lies on the left bank of Machhe Khola near Machhe Village.

What We Did?
  • Transfer of control point from national trig point by Differential DGPS.
  • Establishment of control points at powerhouse, surge tank and headwork area.
  • Detailed Topographical Survey in overall of 80 ha.
  • River cross sectional and longitudinal survey.
  • Tunnel Alignment Survey in 1:5000.