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Phukot Karnali Hydroelectric Project (426 MW)

Project Image

Released Date : January 19, 2018

Client: NEA Engineering Company Ltd. Phukot Karnali Hydroelectric Project is a Peaking RoR project of installed capacity of 426 MW. The project is located in Kalikot district. Its proposed intake is approximately 35 km upstream of Upper Karnali HEP (900 MW) and its powerhouse site is approximately 7 km upstream of Karnali and Tila River confluence. The project has approximate catchment area of 16,764 km2 and uses design discharge of 278 m3/s. It generates total annual energy of 2510.02 GWh.

What We Did?
  • Staff Gauge Installation (6m)
  • Discharge Measurement by Sounding Reel Method from Suspension Bridge