Detail Topographic Survey of Naugad Hydropower Project (6.97 MW)

Detail Topographic Survey of Naugad Hydropower Project (6.97 MW)

Project: Naugad Hydropower Project

Assignment: Detail Topographic Survey of Naugad Hydropower Project (6.97 MW)

Location: Darchula District

Client: Epicenter Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

Duration: September 2020 to January 2021  

Project Description: The Naugad Khola Hydropower Project area lies within Naugad Rural Municipality, Sudurpachshim Province of Nepal. The powerhouse site is located on the Left bank of Naugad Khola at near to Hopari village. The Capacity of the project is 6.97 MW according to pre-feasibility study. The power evacuated from the Project will be connected through a 15 km long single-circuit 33 kV transmission line to proposed sub-station located in Darchula district.

Scope of Services:

1. Purchasing of the locations of National Trig Points and Coordinate transfer using DGPS;
2. Establishment of tentative 15 GCP Network from DGPS approach on structure area and tunnel alignment;
3. Topographical Survey at Headwork’s, Suge Tank, Penstock and Powerhouse area (25 Ha) in 1:1000 scale with lower m of contour          interval;
4. Topographical Survey including strip survey for tunnel alignment in 2km- in 1:5000 scale with higher m of contour interval;
5. River X-section Survey (42 no’s) and L-Section Survey;
6. Access Road and Project Road Survey including GCP in 1:5000 scale;
7. Submission of overall Survey and Mapping Reports.
8. Equipment Used:
   • DGPS-3 set and
   • Total Station-3 Set;