Field Investigation & Research

IES provides integrated and comprehensive field investigation and research services for all Civil Infrastructure, Soft Engineering and Research  Projects. Our investigation services cover Topographical Survey, Hydrographic/ Bathymetric Survey, Drone Survey, Discharge Measurement, Sediment Sampling & Laboratory Tests,  Geological Mapping, Core Drilling and in-situ tests, Geotechnical tests, Geo-physical tests (ERT/ SRT Surveys), and Social and Environmental data collection & GIS Mapping. We provide our field investigation and research services for all civil engineering sectors such as Hydropower, Irrigation, Roads & Bridges, Railway, Airports, Water Navigation, Transmission Line & Substations, Water Supply, Urban Planning, and Housing & Reconstruction.

We also provide field investigation services such as Topographical Survey, GIS Mapping, Core Drilling, Geological Mapping and Geophysical Tests (ERT/ SRT Test)  for Flood & Disaster Management Projects and Minerals & Resources Mapping Projects.

Further we carry out Household Survey, Tree Enumeration Survey and Baseline Data Collection Survey related to Society and Environment using mobile based applications that are required for both Engineering and Research Projects.

Survey & Mapping

IES provides comprehensive survey and mapping services ranging from Aerial (Drone) Survey, Control Network Establishment, Topographic Survey, Cadastral Survey, Resources & Utilities Mapping and Bathymetric/ Hydrographic Survey in various project sectors such as Hydropower, Irrigation and Water Resources Projects, Transmission Line, Highways, Railways, Bridges, Water Navigation, River and Lake, Utilities Mapping and all other civil infrastructure projects.

Hydrology & Sediment

We provide overall field data acquisition, research, measurement and laboratory services related to the field of hydrology and sediment. Our services cover discharge measurement of streams, rivers and lakes, water level monitoring of all water bodies, suspended and bed sediment sampling, and laboratory tests. Further, we analyze the observed field data and provide the rating curves of discharge and sediment. We also study the sediment flow characteristics in the catchment of any water body and provide appropriate solutions to control the sediment influx.

Geological Explorations

Our services under geological explorations cover Geological Mapping, Core Drilling, Geo-technical tests and Geophysical tests (ERT, SRT, MASW) and survey and tests inside Tunnels. We provide these geological exploration services for Hydropower, Irrigation and Water Resource Projects, Transmission Tower and Sub-stations, Bridges, Highways, Railways and all types of Tunnels. We, carry out investigations of Slopes and provide solutions for Slope Stabilization. We also carry out survey and mapping of minerals and mines and do the exploratory drilling to estimate the volumes of the available mineral quarry sites.

Environment & Social Studies

We provide environment and social studies services for all type of research based and engineering projects. Our services cover Baseline Data Collection (both census and population) of social and environmental resources, study of flora and fauna, and enumeration of social and environmental resources. We also provide monitoring and evaluation of social and environmental resources related to research or infrastructure projects. And, we conduct Initial Environment Examination (IEE) and Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Social Impact Assessment (SIA), Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) study of all type of projects including that of Hydropower, Irrigation, Water Supply, Industries, Urban Planning, Highways, Railway, Transmission Line and other engineering projects.