Project Study & Consulting

IES focusses in optimization and effective engineering solutions by deploying experienced and dedicated experts while considering the efficient use of resources and technology to address the Cleint’s expectation. In each of the project sectors we provide the following services:

  1.   Project Identification, Planning and Feasibility Study;
  2.   All required Field Investigations;
  3.   Environmental and Social Studies (IEE/ EIA);
  4.   Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Documentation;
  5.   Project Management, Construction Supervision and Contract Administration; and
  6.   Testing, Commissioning and Project Monitoring.


IES provides its services in hydropower projects starting from project identification up to commission of the project. We provide services for all project types such as Run-of-the-River (RoR), Peaking RoR, Storage and Pumped Storage Projects. Apart from overall services, we also provide specialized services for hydraulic design, design review, project due diligence, structural design and mechanical and electrical designs of different types of hydropower projects.

Irrigation & Water Resource Management

We provide our engineering consulting services for different type of irrigation projects, water supply projects, and flood management and river training projects. We are specialized in design and supervision of pumped irrigation and water supply project of high discharge. We also work in the planning and development of multipurpose project to ensure that the water resource is optimally used for energy, irrigation and water supply purpose.

Energy, Transmission & Distribution

IES carries out survey, investigations, design, and study of electrical energy transmission systems and distribution system. We also conduct transmission and distribution study of isolated energy plants. Further, we provide services for planning, design and installation of Solar Energy and Wind Energy plants and its energy transmission and distribution system.

Transportation & Urban Infrastructures

We provide our engineering solutions and services for Roads and Highways, Railway, Bridges and Railway and Road Tunnels. Our focus is on planning and design of safe and sustainable transportation system. We also provide solutions for road side slope stabilization and proper planning of other road side structures. Further, we do planning and implementation of urban transportation and traffic safety facilities such as intersections and road safety features.