Hydrology and Sediment Investigation of Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project

Hydrology and Sediment Investigation of Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project

Hydrology and Sediment Investigation of Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project

Project: Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project 

Assignment: Hydrology and Sediment Investigation of Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project 

Location: Taplejung District, Nepal

Client: Jade Consult Pvt. Ltd.

Duration:  December 2019 to August 2021

Project Description: The project is located in Tapethok VDC of Taplejung district of Nepal, utilizing the flow of Simbuwa Khola, a tributary of Arun River. The scheme is 70.34 MW Run-of-Rive type hydropower project with a gross head of 888.6 m and design discharge of 9.24 cumec at 40% flow exceedance level. The major structures of the project are the spillway weir, undersluice and appurtenant structures, approach canal, desanding basin, a headrace tunnel of 4.392 km length, which will lead to a 24.22m high surge shaft. The design flow will be directed towards the powerhouse through 2710.42 m pressure shaft. The annual energy generation from the project will be 378.96 GWh and the electricity generated will be evacuated through the Koshi Corridor.

Scope of Services:

1. Arrangement of sufficient manpower and equipment for carrying out hydrological measurement works;
2. Installation of 6 m manual staff gauge at suitable location and daily observation of water level for 3 times a day according to DoED standards for 20 months;
3. Installation of crest gauge for the flood gauging at gauging location;
4. Discharge measurement using current meter and appropriate fish weight by sounding reel method on monthly basis for 20 months on 15th day of each month;
5. Sediment sampling using standard point sampler in the following frequency:
   • Daily one sample on monsoon season (June to September) and
   • Weekly one sample on remaining month.
6. Laboratory test on following samples:
   • Concentration Analysis – All samples
   • Particle Size Distribution Analysis (PSD) – 20 samples
   • Mineralogical Analysis – 20 sample
   • Water Quality Test – 20 sample
7. Equipment Used:
   • Current Meter set
   • 75/35-pound fish weight and 45m sounding reel;
   • Four-wheel type crane with pulley system.
   • Polylab bottles of 0.5 L capacity and standard point sediment sampler;
   • Filtration system, Drying Oven and weighing accessories;
   • Microscope for Mineral content analysis; and
   • Particle Size Analyzer for Particle Size Distribution Analysis.