Preparation of Design Guidelines for Flow Measurement Structures

Preparation of Design Guidelines for Flow Measurement Structures

Project: Design Flow Guideline

Assignment: Preparation of Design Guidelines for Flow Measurement Structures

Location: All over country

Client: Department of Hydrology and Meteorology

Duration:  May 2021 to May 2023

Project Description: Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) intends to prepare a Design guidelines for flow measurement structures, which will be useful to maintain consistency in hydrological data acquisition, analysis and design across various agencies that are responsible for developing and maintaining different civil structures on or along the rivers in Nepal, and at the same time, to strike a balance between structural safety and economy following an internationally accepted prudent engineering practice. The objective of the study is to examine various means of measuring streamflow and preparation of Design Guidelines for Flow Measurement Structures..

Scope of Services:

1. Inception of the Assignment and Planning for Proposed Study Works
   • Collection & Review of Related Guidelines and Documents;
   • Kick-off meeting with the Client and related Stakeholders;
   • Desk Study of Project Area;
   • Planning for Field Works;
   • Planning for Analysis and Design Works;
   • Preparation of Updated Work Plan and Methodology.
2. Field Visits, Surveys and Investigations
   • Field Visit of Selected Hydrological Stations;
   • Finalization of Stations for Design of Various Flow Measurement Structures;
   • River and topographical Survey;
   • Geological and Soil Survey.
3. Detailed Design and Drawings
   • Finalization of Design Base for Various Structures;
   • Design of Cantilever Steel Truss for Radar Sensor;
   • Design of Structures for Meteorological and Rainfall Stations;
   • Design of Bank Operated Cable Way System;
   • Design of Structures at Bridges for installing Hydrological Stations;
   • Design of Flumes, Weir and Spillways for flow measurement.
4. Cost Estimate, Construction Planning and Tender Documents
   • Preparation and Approval of Technical Specifications;
   • Rate Analysis;
   • Quantity and Cist Estimate;
   • Preparation of Construction Plan and Schedule;
   • Preparation of Complete Tender Documents
5. Development of Design Guidelines and Templates