Preparation of Detail Project Report for Lamiraha Multipurpose Dam, Sainanmaina, Rupandehi

Preparation of Detail Project Report for Lamiraha Multipurpose Dam, Sainanmaina, Rupandehi

Project: Lamiraha Multipurpose Dam Project

Assignment: Lamiraha Multipurpose Dam Project

Location: Rupandehi, District



Project Description: Lamiraha Multipurpose Dam is an initiation of the President Chure Tarai Madhes Conservation Development Committee in Sainamaina Municipality, Rupandehi which can be centre of attraction for tourist and also in the irrigation field. Lamiraha dam will be 23-metre high and form lake by the water of Ghamaha Khola, which is around three kilometers north from the Murgiya point of the East-West Highway. The floodwaters of monsoon can be collected in the dam. The collected water could then be used all year round for irrigation and recreational purpose.

Scope of Services:

1. Carryout topographical survey, ERT and core drilling required for the design
2. Analysis of field investigation data and use in project design
3. Alternative project layout study
4. Detail hydrological and sediment study of the project
5. HECRAS modelling at different flood discharges
6. Study and analysis of geological condition and bearing capacity of soil to construct dam, reservoir and tourism infrastructure
7. Geotechnical study on regional geological condition, geomorphology of the site, discontinuity survey
8. Hydraulic design of Dam, spillway, bottom outlet and irrigation outlets
9. Computer based modelling for structural analysis of dam and other infrastructures
10. Use of different software and tools to produce sketch and drawings
11. Dam break analysis for the planned dam to determine the possible peak flood and associated water stages in the downstream in        the event of dam failure
12. Design of irrigation system network to irrigate 300 Ha agricultural land
13. Rate analysis, quantity and cost estimation
14. Economic analysis
15. Social Consultation and discussion with stakeholders