Topographic Survey of Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project and Transmission Line

Topographic Survey of Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project and Transmission Line

Topographic Survey of Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project

Project: Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project 

Assignment: Topographic Survey of Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project 

Location: Taplejung District, Nepal

Client: Jade Consult Pvt. Ltd.

Duration:  December 2019 to March 2020

Project Description: The project is located in Tapethok VDC of Taplejung district of Nepal, utilizing the flow of Simbuwa Khola, a tributary of Arun River. The scheme is 70.34 MW Run-of-Rive type hydropower project with a gross head of 888.6 m and design discharge of 9.24 cumec at 40% flow exceedance level. The major structures of the project are the spillway weir, undersluice and appurtenant structures, approach canal, desanding basin, a headrace tunnel of 4.392 km length, which will lead to a 24.22m high surge shaft. The design flow will be directed towards the powerhouse through 2710.42 m pressure shaft. The annual energy generation from the project will be 378.96 GWh and the electricity generated will be evacuated through the Koshi Corridor.

Scope of Services:

1. Arrangement of necessary manpower and equipment to carry out detailed topographic survey;
2. Establishment of sufficient number of the permanent control points and monuments by an iron pin in concrete pillars or crosses chiselled in rock within the project at head works, waterway alignment, power house, adits, road and bridge work;
3. Establishment of three-dimensional coordinates for all the Control Points by using Differential Global Positioning System in sufficient number of points and transformation of those coordinates to the Permanent Control Points and loop check during the course of survey works;
4. Detailed mapping of the dam/weir site including foundation area of the project sites, intake area, surge tank area, penstock alignment, powerhouse area, tailrace area, tunnel portal areas and other major structure in scale of 1:500 and 1 m contour interval;
5. Preparation of tunnel alignment strip in a scale of 1:5000 with contour interval of 5 m for detail design and tender documents. Topographic maps of both sides at 65m from the centerline of the road alignment with contour interval of 5m and preparation of the project area map in 1:5000 scale with contour interval of 5m;
6. River cross section around the dam/weir and power house sites from 500m upstream to 500m downstream of the dam axis and the tailrace outlet with water level & highest flood marks at the interval of 50m;
7. Carried out survey to produce a detailed map of project road alignment and cross section after reviewing the alignment of the access road and project road proposed in the feasibility study as the project lies in kanchenjunga conservation area;
8. Detail mapping of the project road alignment, river crossing and bridges, camp and storage areas, mucking/spoil disposal area, quarry areas;
9. Carry out transmission line route and substation survey and prepare its detail mapping in the scale with the consultant determines appropriate;
10. Clearly indicated the government and private land required for the project in the cadastral map of the project area with demarcation of boundaries and calculation of areas of each plot for land acquisition purpose;