Construction progress monitoring and bill verification of “Seti Nadi Hydroelectric Project” (25,000 kW)

Construction progress monitoring and bill verification of "Seti Nadi Hydroelectric Project" (25,000 kW)

Project: Seti Nadi Hydroelectric Project

Assignment:Construction progress monitoring and bill verification of “Seti Nadi Hydroelectric Project” (25,000 kW)

Location: Kaski District

Client: Vision Lumbini Urja Co. Ltd. (VLUCL)

Duration:  February 2021 to February 2024

Project Description: The project is located in Machhapuhre Rural Municipality ward 2 of Kaski District of Gandaki Pradesh. The Weir is located at Machhapuchre Rural Municipality ward 2, Bharabhari while the powerhouse is located in the same rural municipality. The project is a run-off river scheme which is located at about middle stretch of Seti Nadi. Seti Nadi originates from Annapurna Himalayan Range. The Seti Nadi is one of the major tributaries of Sapta Gandaki River. The project is located at about 20 km NW of Lamachor (Pokhara). The Project area covers the longitudes from 83 0 57’15” E to 83 0 58’30” E and latitudes from 28 018’40” N to 28 022’12” N. Weir site is located at Near Bharabhari village (Machhapuchre Rural Municipality Ward 2) on the left bank and Misra Village (Machhapuchre Rural Municipality Ward 2) on the right bank. About 6300 m long Pipeline Alignment (HPA) was designed to pass through the left bank hill slope of the Seti Nadi. The Pipeline alignment was passed through various terrains, streams and gullies (wet to dry). It will generate Dry Season Energy: 45.48 GWh, Wet Season energy: 100.18 GWh and Total Energy: 145.66 GWh.

Scope of Services:

1. Review of project related tender and contract documents; namely civil, hydro-mechanical, electromechanical and transmission line      contracts;
2. Review the selection of the Contractors based on the Consultant’s experience in similar projects and the information provided by        the Developer;
3. Verification of Interim Payment Certificate (IPC’s) on the basis of reports (progress reports, monthly reports), running bills,                    photographs, and project status provided by the Client for disbursal;
4. Verification of bills raised by contractor and forwarded by client for Interim Payment Certificate (IPC’s) for disbursal of credit                  facilities by the Consortium;
5. Review and verification of bills regarding H&M works based on the authentic reports and documents/ photograph test results;
6. Responsible for ensuring that the bills are submitted as per the work progress and price quoted in the Contract agreements and          as per signed Bill of Quantity by both Contractor and Developer;
7. Review the contract document for the supply of electro-mechanical equipment with regard to the specifications and pricing of the     equipment as well as ensure that the enlisted items in the contract document suffice the total scope required in powerhouse               electromechanical equipment for energy generation of 25 MW capacity including the equipment required at interconnection                 substation