Design of Lower Tarakhola Small Hydropower Project (3.5 MW)

Design of Lower Tarakhola Small Hydropower Project (3.5 MW)

Design of Lower Tarakhola Small Hydropower Project (3.5 MW)

Project: Lower Tarakhola Small Hydropower Project (3.5 MW) 

Assignment: Design of Lower Tarakhola Small Hydropower Project (3.5 MW) 

Location: Baglung District, Nepal

Client: Pahadi Hydropower Company (P.) Ltd.

Duration:  March 2017 to February 2018

Project Description: Lower Tara Khola Small Hydropower Project (LTKSHP) is located in Tara VDC of Baglung district. The project is constructed in the right bank of Tara Khola. The Project uses the discharge of Tara Khola and Nagbeli Khola for electricity generation. Discharge from the intake of Tara Khola and tailwater from the Middle Tara Khola Powerhouse will be Collected in the headpond which contributes energy generation of LTKSHP. Tara Khola is tributary of Daram Khola, the tributary of Badigad Khola. Badigad Khola is the tributary of Kali Gandaki River. The Project will Generate 19.79 GWh energy with design discharge of 2.63 m3/s and rated net head of 155.67 m.

Scope of Services:

1. Hydrological data review, study and finalization of the design discharge, return flood for different years and environment flow requirements;
2. Project Optimization Studies of the project components and structure;
3. Design of intake, desander, gravel trap, surge tank/forebay, spill-way, weir, water conveyance system, tail race canal and other structures;
4. Design of PH, support system, river training works, camp facilities including water supply and sanitation provisions;
5. Design of the hydro-mechanical components such as gates, values, penstocks, bifurcation, trash racks, steel lining etc.;
6. Design and specification for turbine, inlet values, lubrication system, hydraulic system, cooling system, EOT crane, governing and controlling system;
7. Appropriate design and specification of generator, excitation system, LV switching equipment, HV switching equipment, transformers and power evacuation system along with proper and accurate line diagrams.