Design and Construction of Pumped Water Supply System

Design and Construction of Pumped Water Supply System

Design and Construction of Pumped Water Supply System

Project: Pumped Water Supply System

Assignment: Design and Construction of Pumped Water Supply System

Location: Kavrepalanchowk District, Nepal

Client: Fulbari Resort

Duration:  October 2019 to January 2020

Project Description: Design and construction of Pumped Water Supply System is for Apa Fulbari resort which is located in Mathurapati Fulbari Municipality in Kavrepalanchowk district at an elevation of approx. 1720 masl. Being situated on the top of hill, the resort faces acute shortage of drinking water and as a solution to which this project has commenced. From the initial site visit, the design flow rate for the water supply system is considered to be 0.4l/s. With this flow rate the maximum water volume which be utilized in dry season is 34,560 l/ day. The total length of pipe is measured about 1500 m. The collection tank at the source to store the water is designed to store 8000 liters of water. The difference in elevation between source and supply area is about 240 m. Hence, a submersible pump with lifting capacity of 300 m and discharge capacity of 3600 liter per hour (1.0 l/s) is selected to pump the water from source to supply area.

Scope of Services:

1. Topographical survey along the water pipe line and at intake area;
2. Design of intake, water tank, retaining wall, pipes, valves and other fittings;
3. Preparation of detailed drawings and cost estimation including cost of power supply arrangements;
4. Selection of appropriate size of pumps based on dynamic head and discharge;
5. Supply, Transportation, Installment and Testing of Pipes and Fittings, Electrical Equipment and Pump and accessories;
6. Construction of water tank, retaining wall, trench excavation, plumbing and electrical works; and
7. Testing and commissioning of the project.